Monday, September 3, 2007

Some Picks from Kitsch 22

Some more art and design from the English!

I get pretty excited when I come across a store I have never seen before--doubly more excited when a quick google search doesn't find it popping up any other design blog. So here is (hopefully) a first peek at Kitsch 22, which I was happy to stumble upon last night. Kistch 22 really isn't very kitschy at all, but does have some great picks in the form of modern and retro accessories.

My favorite new find was the stunning Tidy Garden light shade from Lush Designs (shown above). The cut-out plant shapes have some of the same charming quality of what I love in the Su Blackwell art posted below. You can actually control the light output somewhat by pulling the shapes in or out. The shadows created must be so dramatic and very beautiful. It would be a lovely detail in a bedroom or other quiet place.

Their lighting collection also has some of Mibo's great retro-inspired shades.

And these very pretty Moonflower lights--if I was brave enough (and if my boyfriend didn't object) I would love to drape one strand around the top of our four-poster bed.

Kitsch22 also has a really great pillow section--with very few of the usual suspects and a lot of graphic prints. If you are a big fan of Marimekko like me, you may recognize the black and white pillow as part of the iconic Tuuli fabric.

My last few picks from Kitsch22--some very fun clocks, Russian doll money banks and (finally something kitschy!) tomato squeeze bottles.

Kitch22 is not set up in a way that allows me to link to each product individually, but do check out their site--there are many more fun finds. For shipping outside of the UK, just shoot them an e-mail.


Sarah said...

Love your blog!! You have a great eye for art and design

Catherine said...

If you like that style of light you might like Hannah Nunn's work. All handmade in the UK.