Monday, September 17, 2007

Modern Customizable Bedding from Inmod

I think the last exciting thing to happen to modern bedding was the introduction of Amenity's exquisite and covetable nature-inspired duvets, which were at once so simple and so fresh that it was almost like seeing a bed for the very first time.

Inmod has recently launched a collection of customizable duvet covers that I have to declare just as exciting. In fact, dare I say, it's the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. As of now, they offer 13 different designs that take their cue from a lot of popular textile motiffs (cherry blossoms, abstract shapes) and then gives the buyer complete control over all detailing. As an example, you can choose the color of the cherry blossom embroidery and a separate color for the stem--the design itself then goes on the background color of your choice. Swoon!

Their design tool is really very user friendly, showing each customized change as you make it, and also simulating how your design will look in a room setting. I fiddled around with a few different combinations to try to figure out pricing and found that it varies based on the fabric (the choices are cotton, a linen and cotton blend, silk dupioni and a silk taffetta). Naturally cotton was the most inexpensive with most designs being just under $200 and so on until the last fabric (silk taffetta) which was usually well over $400. It is definitely very comparable to other modern bedding designers...and all with the added glamour of being your very own creation.

Inmod's new duvets are a very innovative and just superbly executed addition to modern bedding--in fact, I urge you to rush over and play with it yourself. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spotlight on Dawn Okoro

Lately all the things I love come from the unexpected place of Texas.

Houston's Greener Grass Design showcases all my current design obsessions and Fort Worth-based Calhoun's bluesy rock has been looping' round in my CD Player for days. Now there's another Texan to love; Dawn Okoro 's abstract portraits blow me away with their intensity and use of color. Check her out here, and if you are in Texas, she's currently exhibiting at the Premier Altier in Austin.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vintage Fabrics at Design for Delight

While not endowed with any talent whatsoever when it comes to sewing, etc, I have done a few DIY projects with fabrics these past few months, including re-upholsturing old dining room chairs and the Marimekko panel and curtains I posted about earlier. Sadly, when I was last scouring for fabric I hadn't yet come upon Design for Delight, a Dutch store that has a beautiful collection of authentic fabrics from the 60's and 70's (all at our fingertips with International Shipping). With over 300 designs, their variety is staggering and few things have the space-energizing quality of a large-scale print from the 70's. Pricing varies wildly but, as vintage fabrics go, they are often a bargain and I think Design for Delight is a definite bookmark for other textile lovers, if only for the inpiration. You can check out the whole collection here--below are my favorites.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fighting the Sea by Kit Malo

Please enjoy this amazing print by Kit Malo that I just bought at BlueFlip Art. It's called Fighting the Sea.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gifts from Inspire Co.

Afraid of writing too much about things that are "cutesy", I tend to banish anything overly precious to the seldom updated category "A bit of whimsy to brighten up your day". But when I want to embrace cuteness, one of my very favorite places online for the truly delightful is Inspire Co. which is run by Amy Powers and features items as varied as vintage card games and bunny figurines alongside tiaras and charm bracelets. It's a store so sweet it could give you a toothache and I always revel in Amy's celebration of all things whimsical and dainty.

Inspire co. is specifically a gift store, but unlike most gift stores, sells the sort of thing you would actually want for yourself--and yet there are so many unique treasures that you will quite look forward to giving them away--for the gushing and the gratitude of course. I peeked in to her shop this morning, and here are some things I loved--new items are added all the time.

My favorite find: these yellow felt tulips.

Button collages; clever and also adorable.

Beautifully rusted vintage keys.

And some really Gorgeous button brooches.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Some Picks from Kitsch 22

Some more art and design from the English!

I get pretty excited when I come across a store I have never seen before--doubly more excited when a quick google search doesn't find it popping up any other design blog. So here is (hopefully) a first peek at Kitsch 22, which I was happy to stumble upon last night. Kistch 22 really isn't very kitschy at all, but does have some great picks in the form of modern and retro accessories.

My favorite new find was the stunning Tidy Garden light shade from Lush Designs (shown above). The cut-out plant shapes have some of the same charming quality of what I love in the Su Blackwell art posted below. You can actually control the light output somewhat by pulling the shapes in or out. The shadows created must be so dramatic and very beautiful. It would be a lovely detail in a bedroom or other quiet place.

Their lighting collection also has some of Mibo's great retro-inspired shades.

And these very pretty Moonflower lights--if I was brave enough (and if my boyfriend didn't object) I would love to drape one strand around the top of our four-poster bed.

Kitsch22 also has a really great pillow section--with very few of the usual suspects and a lot of graphic prints. If you are a big fan of Marimekko like me, you may recognize the black and white pillow as part of the iconic Tuuli fabric.

My last few picks from Kitsch22--some very fun clocks, Russian doll money banks and (finally something kitschy!) tomato squeeze bottles.

Kitch22 is not set up in a way that allows me to link to each product individually, but do check out their site--there are many more fun finds. For shipping outside of the UK, just shoot them an e-mail.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Su Blackwells Book Sculptures

I recently discovered the amazing work of Su Blackwell via the Madschen Weis Way. She makes these fantastic sculptures dramatizing the stories that inspire her in old books--using the books themselves--to create what she calls three-dimensional theatre. The effect is both whimsical and tecnically complex--you can see how precise her cutting is in the "Alice in Wonderland" piece above.

From her Artist Statement: "We can no longer physically read the book, so in that way it is made redundant; and yet on another level it has taken on a new life and is telling a different story." It's very surreal, striking work; particularly when placed in wooden boxes lit from above.

If you are lucky enough to live in or visit London, you could actually own one of these beautiful pieces--they are at the gift section of Selfridges and also at the Victoria and Albert Museum. And you can see more of the sculptures here.